A GAPing hole in greyhound rehoming – FY20/21 Update

An FY20/21 update to CPG’s white paper “A GAPing hole in greyhound rehoming” finds that the racing industry is still failing miserably to rehome greyhounds.

GAP NSW and GAP Victoria still rehome fewer dogs than the community does. Our state governments must stop subsidising the dog racing industry. Instead, those taxpayer dollars should go to community rescue groups via state governments.

The national rate of greyhound breeding continued to be about six times the racing industry’s capacity to rehome.

The latest data for FY20/21 shows that the industry’s rehoming effort has flat-lined for the last three years, while community rehoming still leads the way in many states.

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Failure in greyhound rehoming - The Guardian
Australian racing industry failing miserably to rehome greyhounds as adoption flatlines, The Guardian, 27 August 2022