How many Gracies are out there?

by Andy and Michelle, NSW Our girl, a rescue named Gracie, came from a trainer who had raced her weekly for two years. Once she was past her “use by date” he just wanted to be rid of her, rather than rehome her properly. Do you have a story of how the industry has failed … Read more

Gone to the dogs

by Luke Henderson, University of Sydney. I adopted my first greyhound while living in New Zealand in 2015.

Mestrov paints himself a winner while greyhounds keep losing

by Siân Rinaldi, ACT Greyhound Support Network CEO Tony Mestrov has left Greyhound Racing NSW proudly proclaiming that the industry is in “great shape” and applauding industry participants’ efforts to improve greyhound welfare.(1) He singles out the industry’s rehoming programs for special mention. Anyone involved in rehoming greyhounds outside the racing industry knows that the increased … Read more

The horrors of the catching pen

The horror of the catching pen

by Julia Cockram, animal behaviour consultant, CPG In Australia, greyhounds are stopped from catching the lure at the end of a race by being funnelled into a catching pen while the lure continues around the track. This leads to hyper-aroused greyhounds slowing from speeds of around 80 km/h and intensely frustrated from not being allowed … Read more