Can the box draw system reduce injuries in greyhound racing?

by Warren Young Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Science, Psychology and Sport, Federation University Australia. A typical greyhound race in Australia starts with 8 greyhounds. Historically, each dog has been allocated a starting position in a random draw, where box 1 is closest to the rail and box 8 is the furthest from the rail … Read more

Buddy’s story

by a CPG volunteer The greyhound racing industry will go to any lengths to discard the dogs it no longer wants. Do you have a story of how the industry has failed to meet its responsibility for greyhound rehoming. Please click here to contact us. Buddy was born and raced in Queensland and then shipped … Read more

Economic misinformation used to mislead public debate

by Sebastian Broadhurst, economist The dog racing industry commissions a regular supply of industry reports which are then used by state premiers to justify subsidising the industry with taxpayer dollars. Most media outlets present these reports as fact, while only a few question their veracity. Yet, greyhound industry IER reports use inaccurate job data, exaggerate … Read more