What You Can Do


If your circumstances don’t allow you to adopt or foster a dog, why not contact your local greyhound rescue and ask them if they could use your special skills: photography, graphic design, copywriting, accounting, dog training, printing, or anything else you have to offer.

CPG is always looking for digital volunteers who are willing to work from home and have a commitment to banning greyhound racing and improving greyhound welfare. Read more here


There are private greyhound rescue and rehoming groups across Australia. These groups are run on donations and volunteer determination. They have a wealth of experience at matching the right people with the right greyhound. See contact details here.


If you can’t commit to a dog of your own, why not try fostering? Most rescue groups will pay for food, bedding, collars, leads, vet care and so on, all you need to supply is time, effort and love.


Rescuing dogs costs money. Consider making a donation.

Write a letter to the editor

Believe it or not, the ‘Letters to the editor’ page is one of the most read pages in any newspaper and politicians use it to gauge public opinion on an issue.

Also, these letters often influence what topics the newspaper covers. As a newspaper only has limited space, not all letters are published. However, the more letters received on a particular topic, the more likely they are to publish at least one of the letters on the topic.

So please consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about greyhound welfare. Our resources page contains a lot of useful information on greyhound racing and greyhound welfare. Read more on writing a letter to the editor here


Not everyone is in the position of being able to make a donation. If that applies to you, consider running your own mini fundraiser within your circle of friends, family and colleagues. This could be as easy as requesting donations to your chosen charity instead of gifts for your birthday or Christmas.

Speak up

Always remember your power as a voter, a consumer and a member of the community. Write to or visit your local MP, your state premier or state racing minister and ask them to consider banning greyhound racing. View contact details hereTell them you will only vote for political parties who will shut down the greyhound racing industry.

Spread the messages “End Greyhound Suffering” “Don’t Bet On It” and “You Bet They Die”. Every dollar that is wagered on a greyhound race legitimises this so-called sport. It increases the industry’s revenue and sends a message to others that gambling on greyhounds is socially acceptable.

If your friends or colleagues are keen to have a night at the dogs, try to convince them not to go and don’t attend if they go ahead.