Murray Bridge SA now one of Australia’s deadliest greyhound tracks

Murray Bridge SA now one of Australia’s deadliest greyhound tracks

The Murray Bridge racetrack in South Australia has become one of the most lethal in Australia after the death of a young greyhound.

With four greyhound racing deaths this year, Murray Bridge joins the ranks of second-deadliest tracks: Gawler (SA), Richmond (NSW), and Wagga Wagga (NSW). Brisbane’s Albion Park is currently the country’s most lethal track with seven deaths in 2021.

According to the Murray Bridge stewards’ report for 14 June 2021, in Race 12 two-year old Cash Or Cheque collided with other dogs on the first turn and fell. Sustaining a broken foreleg, she was euthanased by the on-track vet.

For the whole of 2020, only two greyhounds died at Murray Bridge.

The Murray Bridge facility has two racetracks – a one-turn “horseshoe” track, and a straight track. This year, three deaths have occurred at the curved track, with one in the catching pen after the race at the straight track.

The death of Cash Or Cheque takes the SA greyhound toll to nine killed in 2021. Nationally, 78 have died (listed here).

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) said the spate of deaths in SA highlighted the cruelty and dangers of greyhound racing.

The death of Cash Or Cheque has been covered by local radio and web media, including:  5MU Local News

Data note:  Of the 78 greyhounds killed so far on Australian racetracks in 2021 =

– 70% were killed after racing in 7 or 8 dog races

– 76% were fatally injured at track turns

– 87% sustained leg fractures

– 60% were fatally injured by falling

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  1. Schocking that this CRUELTY goes on still with these poor Greyhounds .how many off these poor dogs have to be INJURED and Killed in this CRUEL SPORT for people who bet on their lives .not caring if they LIVE or DIE for what a few Bucks ? Would you do that to you’re own dog to make him run for his life .Getting injured in the process and discarded when it is HURT badly and can’t RUN any more. This schocking cruelty has to stop .It seems Australia still belongs in the bad Cruel old Days .Shame on all who keep this cruel sport going for winning a few loose bucks .Buy a lOTTO TICKET .at least the proceeds off that help many charities .YOU BET THE DOGS and HORSES DIE off falls and INJURIES

  2. A retired 4 year old greyhound of mine injured a foreleg one week earlier than Cash or Cheque at Murray Bridge. She wasnt running for money she was running for fun. She was taken to vet immediately and fixed. Spent two days at the vet and is now in the recovery stage. A huge vet bill to fix my dog. BUT I LOVE MY DOGS. DO THEY????? Most of these injuries can be fixed but trainers cant race injured dogs!

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