White papers and case studies

The Case for Straight Tracks

In 2017, the University of Technology Sydney produced a report commissioned by Greyhound Racing NSW. The number one recommendation by UTS stated, “Clearly the best option is to use only straight tracks.” Read the white paper

The Case for Six Dog Races

Studies conducted by University of Technology Sydney and CPG have proven that six dog racing is safer than seven and eight dog racing.  Read the white paper

Funding for NSW Greyhound Rehoming Providers

Private rehomers accept many more greyhounds than the industry-funded rehoming programs. These private rehomers are an integral part of the government mandated re-homing process and must be provided by the NSW government with adequate financial support. Read the white paper

Greyhound Sanctuaries

Rehoming statistics show that there is a significant shortfall between greyhounds requiring homes and those that actually are rehomed. This has led to the euthanasia of thousands of young and healthy greyhounds. A solution to this problem is greyhound sanctuaries. Read the white paper

Reduce breeding

Overbreeding is a major cause of the unnecessary euthanasia of young and healthy greyhounds. The solution to this problem is a cap on the number of greyhounds bred. In NSW, the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission must be empowered to set and enforce breeding numbers.  Read the white paper