2023 Australian track deaths and injuries

Greyhound racing is a brutal industry that causes the deaths and injuries of thousands of dogs every year.

Despite the industry’s PR spin, all racetracks are dangerous and cause a range of injuries, from fatal skull fractures to painful abrasions. Most fatalities are euthanasia for leg injuries.

As the racing industry doesn’t disclose the number of casualties at each track, CPG analyses all publicly-available stewards’ reports to provide a complete picture of the suffering that greyhounds are forced to endure every day on Australian tracks.

The true greyhound death toll

In 2023, CPG also uncovered around 200 dogs who died off-track after suffering injuries on racetracks across the country. Click here for more information.

   On-track deaths

Track injuries 

Off-track deaths

Three days, two deaths. 2023 has got off to a shocking start, with High Profiler euthanased at Sale VIC on 2 Jan after an “incident” in the catching pen.

Our Boy Rocky was killed at Grafton NSW on 3 Jan, after another “incident” in the catching pen. We MUST stop the taxpayer funding and shut this industry down.

Details of greyhound on-track deaths

Deaths by state

Deaths by track

Greyhound track injuries