Latest greyhound skull injury highlights brutality of racing

Latest greyhound skull injury highlights brutality of racing

The latest greyhound head injury has highlighted the brutal nature of dog racing and the unacceptable dangers to greyhounds.

According to the published stewards’ report for the Nowra NSW racetrack, in Race 5 on 14 June 2021, greyhound Maldini suffered a fractured skull with “neurological defects”.

Maldini’s injury is the latest in a long list of head wounds – some fatal – that have been sustained by greyhounds on Australian racetracks in 2021.

The list of racing incidents recorded in stewards’ reports this year includes:

  • Miss Verity (QLD) – concussion
  • Night Crawler (SA) – concussion
  • Aston Future (Sale VIC) – concussion
  • Miss Angel Di  (Cranbourne VIC) – concussion
  • Big Bash Jess (Warragul VIC) – sinus fracture and concussion
  • Pickett (Warragul VIC) – concussion and swollen right eye (plus elbow laceration)
  • Tin (Cannington WA) – concussion
  • Zoe Kate (Casino NSW – head injury, concussion and nose bleed
  • Aristocratic (Albion Park QLD) – concussion
  • Tinker Ray (Meadows VIC) – laceration to the left carotid artery caused by skull fracture – FATAL
  • Karter’s Potion (Gunnedah NSW) – abrasion to skull
  • Ava Wine (Albion Park QLD) – head and neck injuries – FATAL

The total number of greyhounds injured on Australian tracks so far this year is 4,647, including 811 major injuries (which includes 388 “life-threatening” injuries).

77 greyhounds have been killed nationally while racing in 2021.
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  1. This is technically a blood sport with dogs and is clearly untenable in a modern humane society. Why is it still allowed, because of a small amount of profit and a few hours of entertainment? Ban it now, for the sake of thousands of dogs.

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