5 key demands

CPG is totally committed to the banning of greyhound racing. Until this happens, CPG makes 5 key demands of state governments and the racing industry. If they do not implement these changes then this shows they are not serious about greyhound welfare.

Implement whole of life tracking

Thousands of greyhounds are killed every year. A system must be implemented to monitor the welfare of each greyhound for their entire life.

Fund rescues and sanctuaries

Thousands of unwanted greyhounds are put to death despite being healthy and rehomable. State governments must fund private greyhound rehoming organisations and privately operated "sanctuaries".

Increase penalties

Penalties are not proving a deterrent given the financial rewards offered by the industry. The industry must also strengthen associated regulation and enforcement.

Reduce breeding

Around 40% of the 11,000 greyhounds bred in Australia each year are surplus to requirements. The greyhound racing industry must stop offering financial incentives for breeding.

Make tracks safer

Approximately 750 greyhounds are injured each month and 400 are killed each year on Australian tracks. To improve track safety, the greyhound racing industry must develop purpose-built straight tracks; reduce the number of starters from eight greyhounds to six; and install an extended lure at all tracks.

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