The Wauchope Killing Ground

Of all the many lethal tracks in New South Wales, the one at Wauchope stands out.

With four racing deaths already this year, the track is currently the third worst in Australia.

The most recent greyhound to lose their life was Time To Shout, hit by the lure system as it fell apart during a race on 7 August. 

In October 2020 the racing club proudly boasted of an upgrade – new start boxes and surface – that elevated the track to TAB standard. A $50,000 sponsorship with corporate bookmaker Bbet was also hyped.

The club president eagerly talked up the extra prize money for participants. No one bothered to spin about animal welfare being their main focus.

The outcome? Not good for greyhounds.

Nastassja was killed when the upgraded track held its very first race meeting on 17 October 2020.  Another dog was fatally injured at the official launch meeting six days later.

The run of death and injury has continued, and Time To Shout won’t be the last.

In total, eight greyhounds have been killed in 27 race meetings since the hyped upgrade was complete.  Eight greyhounds thrown into the freezer and wiped from memory.

Plus, six dogs suffered broken legs, and one sustained a dislocation. So, 15 greyhounds either killed or seriously injured in 27 race meetings – this presumably meets NSW track safety standards.

Is this what the greyhounds get for a $50,000 sponsorship?  Or the $30 million of taxpayer funds promised for upgrades – of which only a fraction has been spent?  Oh that’s right, this track has already been upgraded.

Funnily enough, you won’t find the dead greyhounds on the Wauchope racing club’s Facebook. And it’s a sure bet the NSW racing minister Kevin Anderson won’t be closing the track due to its appalling safety record.

RIP the eight Wauchope greyhounds who lost it all since the track was upgraded:

17/10/2020        NASTASSJA                       fractured hock

23/10/2020        DOUBLE DREAM             fractured wrist

11/11/2020        LITTLE NAJA                     fractured tibia

21/12/2020        BELLA BONUS                  comminuted fracture of foreleg and wrist

23/01/2021        FLYING FORTRESS           fractured humerus

14/04/2021        PRETTY SMART                fractured femur

26/06/2021        SKETCHY TRAPDOOR      fractured femur

07/08/2021        TIME TO SHOUT              compound fracture of foreleg

Images from Wauchope racing show (l to r) Time to Shout and the lure that will kill him; Flying Fortress falls and will be killed; Heathcote Rams about to get hit by four other greyhounds, and suffer a fractured hock. Front page image shows Cuffs falling at the home turn.

Note: this track falls within the state electorate of Melinda Pavey MP,  Nationals state member for Oxley, Minister for Water, Property and Housing in the Berejiklian Government;

And federal electorate of Dr David Gillespie MP, Nationals federal member for Lyne,  Minister for Regional Health.       

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