The ten greyhounds killed racing in July

The ten greyhounds killed racing in July

More falling at track turns, “incidents” in catching pens, and bruised bodies breaking down. RIP ten poor greyhounds who died on Australian racetracks in July. 

4 JulySOLD BY STICKER (2 yrs old)Sandown Park VICFractured hock and tibia
5 JulyDOUBLE UP RED (2 yrs)Maitland NSWFractured hock
8 JulyBUDDY GUY (3 yrs)Murray Bridge SAFractured hock
8 JulyDAVID MOSS (3 yrs)Hobart TASFractured hock
13 JulySKETCHY A BIT (4 yrs)Townsville QLDCompound fracture of foreleg
15 JulyVAUGHN (2 yrs)Shepparton VICFractured foreleg
19 JulyASTON VIGOUR (2 yrs)Murray Bridge SACompound fracture of foreleg
20 JulyROJO NUGGET (18 mths)Devonport TASCompound fracture of humerus
21 JulyDUNDEE TOPAZ (2 yrs)Cranbourne VICMultiple fractures of tibia & fibula
23 JulyLOU LEE (3 yrs)Mandurah WASeverely displaced/ fractured right wrist

Some (most?) of these leg injuries would have been treatable – but what chance have the dogs got when the euthanasia is paid for by the racing club.

That’s the value the industry puts on these dogs – nothing.

And the racing clubs are also kind enough to provide freezers for the dead greyhounds. Are these what NSW racing minister Kevin Anderson describes as “the highest animal welfare standards”? The industry certainly has an efficient system of disposing of these unwanted by-products of gambling.

But the images above show the last moments of these ten dogs – often in blurry, low-resolution video stills – and we’ll remember them.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with these people those dogs could be treated and live the rest of theirs lives as loved pets
    The industry is just showing their gross indifference of these hounds as nothing more than money maker no money then they die
    Nothing has changed

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