The 16 greyhounds lost in September

The 16 greyhounds lost in September

16 greyhounds died on Australian tracks in September, according to stewards’ reports. Other injured dogs would have been killed away from the tracks after the race meetings.

Rest in peace

2 SepMAGICAL MAXHobart TASFractured hockHome straight, break down
3 SepTARAWI CHRISSYRichmond NSWCompound fractures of radius/ulnaFirst turn, collisions, fall
8 SepPACE OUTBallarat VICFractured hockHome turn, collisions, fall
8 SepDR LEWISBendigo VICFractured ulnaFirst turn, collisions, fall
8 SepUPWARDSAlbion Park QLDFractured humerusTurn, collision, fall
10 SepMANIAC MARTINIGeelong VICAcute cardiac failureCollapsed and died in catching pen
12 SepALPACA SUNNYMt Gambier SAFractured neckFirst turn, collision, fall
15 SepTALK TALK TALKBallarat VICAcute abdominal haemorrhage Distressed in wash bay
16 SepMONEY BANDITGoulburn NSWCompound fracture of legBack straight turn, collisions, fall
17 SepFRIENDLY SHADOWSTownsville, QLDRupture of hockTurn, collision, break down
24 SepPAPER KITEThe Gardens NSWCompound/complete fracture of hockHome turn, collision, break down
24 SepFINAL OCCASIONRichmond NSWCompound fracture of radius/ulnaFirst turn, collision, break down
25 SepBINGO BALLSThe Gardens NSWCompound fracture of radius/ulnaHome turn, collision, fall
26 SepDARLING DISPLAYGrafton NSWSevere comminuted fracture of hockHome turn, break down
27 SepBERMUDAWarrnambool, VICFracture of radius/ulnaFirst turn, collision, fall
28 SepMONTAG BALEThe Meadows VICFracture of radius/ulnaFirst turn, collision, fall

Click here for more information on 2021 track deaths and injuries including links to the relevant stewards’ reports.

The lethality of Australian racetracks was again apparent, with most greyhounds being euthanased after suffering broken legs following incidents at track turns.

You can imagine the agony of a greyhound suffering a compound or comminuted fracture – a shattered leg.

There were also the poor dogs that collapsed after the race, dying from acute cardiac failure and acute abdominal haemorrhage.        

September was the month that saw NSW’s 2021 toll equal the number of dead greyhounds for the whole of 2020.

And also the month when Greyhound Racing NSW head Tony Mestrov said: “greyhound racing in NSW has never been safer…. In NSW, we are leading the world in greyhound care and welfare.”

Images show the last moments of these beautiful dogs.

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