That dark blur in the image is three-year old David Moss crossing the Hobart finish on a broken ankle.

The on-track vet will shortly “humanely” kill him, after Race 6 on 8 July.

Just another greyhound heading towards its death. The fifth dog euthanased  on Tasmanian tracks this year – nice work from Minister for Racing Jane Howlett, a noted enthusiast for gambling on animal racing.

The race video also shows an advertising sign for Cascade Draught – “Proudly Brewed in Tasmania”.

Cascade Draught is a brand of Carlton & United Breweries. Other CUB brands sponsoring greyhound racing in Tasmania are Carlton Draught, Crown Lager, Great Northern Super Crisp, and Great Northern Zero.

Carlton and United Breweries itself is a name sponsor of greyhound races.

The Great Northern brand also sponsors dog racing in Queensland

All five Tasmanian greyhound deaths this year occurred after the dogs broke their legs in eight-dog races. RIP Card Talk, Blue Twist, Zevatron, and Magic Lea.

RSPCA Tasmania said: “The death of another greyhound on a Tasmanian racetrack is extremely distressing. We will keep working to stop these senseless deaths.”

Why would a business put its name to what Barnaby Joyce described as “the bottom end” of town?

The harming of dogs is nothing to be proud of.

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