Survey finds widespread industry neglect of greyhounds

A CPG survey found that the racing industry hands over most of its dogs in a neglected condition, despite welfare codes requiring the exact opposite.

The survey gathered the observations of people from community-run greyhound rescue groups around Australia regarding the health and living conditions of dogs at the time of rescue from trainers and owners.

The rescue groups reported that most dogs arriving at kennels were in poor condition and that some were unable to walk up or down stairs, had untreated wounds from track racing and weren’t socialised for rehoming. 

The report below provides information on the survey background and format, together with the consolidated results and supporting comments. Most images in the report were kindly provided during 2021 by community-run rescue groups around the country with some other images sourced from veterinary references.

 The report is displayed below with toolbar buttons at the top and bottom allowing you to move between pages, zoom in or out, download the report as a .pdf and zoom to full screen. You can also scroll through the report.  

Watch a video summary of the survey findings