Firefly Jen collapses after heart attack – the last of the litter

Firefly Jen collapses after heart attack – the last of the litter

The death of Firefly Jen from a heart attack has brought into focus the harsh lives of racing greyhounds.

Firefly Jen collapsed on the finish line at Kempsey NSW on 19 June 2021.  She was aged four years and three months – old for a racing greyhound.

She had run only 25 races but had fallen three times in her career. Why was she lightly raced – were there underlying issues?

The death of Firefly Jen brought to a close the racing of the “Firefly” litter, as documented in their Greyhound Recorder profiles. 

She was one of a litter of eight greyhounds – born on 24 Feb 2017 – and the last to be racing. Firefly Benno, Bluey, Gus, Maureen, Paw, Sue, and Tommo led varying racing careers, but they experienced a total of 10 falls among them, and death and injury.

Firefly Gus was killed by on-track vet after breaking his elbow in his 31st race.

Firefly Benno had 58 races, and fell twice, while Firefly Tommo only raced twice and won $0.

Firefly Maureen raced four times, sustaining a shoulder injury in her last race in June 2019.

Firefly Bluey raced 46 times, sustaining lacerations to foot and wrist in his last race.

Firefly Paw raced 11 times, and fell in his last race.

Firefly Sue raced 13 times, falling three times, and hit the running rail in her last race.

There are no more greyhounds in this litter still racing. Two are confirmed dead – what has happened to the others?

Images show every fall suffered by the litter plus the moments before Firefly Jen’s heart attack and collapse.


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  1. But they love their animals!!! and horse racing is just as bad and people are happy for 19 million euros to be given to this????
    Over the years how many millions have been given to these people to kill animals??? and yet we told there is no money for housing, there is no money for mental health, there is no money for hospitals, but there is money to kill animals…
    And what do people do?? a week of of “this is so wrong”, “what a disgrace of a government” and then its all forgotten and they go back to their life’s
    Wake up people, this is your government, spending your money, you have a say on where it gores and where it shouldn’t go… No one cares,…:(

  2. Hello. I have Firefly Curly, the dam of this litter, adopted 6 weeks ago aged 12 from GAP Northern Rivers. She is living the rest of her twilight years in a comfy, loving home with a nice big yard. So sad to read this article.

    • Thank you so much for letting us know. There are so many sad stories to tell about racing greyhounds. It is always wonderful to hear when they find a loving and compassionate home. Please give Firefly Curly a big cuddle from us.

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