20 NSW greyhounds injured in a Saturday of suffering

20 NSW greyhounds injured in a Saturday of suffering

A day of agony saw 20 greyhounds injured at five race meetings in NSW on Saturday, 12 June 2021 – highlighting a trend that has seen an increase in injuries and deaths compared to last year.  

According to Saturday’s published stewards’ reports, eight greyhounds were injured at the Wentworth Park track in Sydney, while four were hurt at the new straight track at Richmond.

More greyhounds were injured at Dubbo, Broken Hill, and at The Gardens in Newcastle.

Nine greyhounds either fell during races or failed to finish due to injuries. Three greyhounds fell in one incident alone in Race 5 at the notorious first turn at Wentworth Park.

The range of injuries included lacerations, abrasions, muscle injuries, shoulder injuries, leg injuries, spike wounds, bruising, and an injured belly.

Other race meeting incidents included a greyhound that was reluctant to enter a starter box, and another that vomited in the carpark. At Broken Hill, a number of greyhounds escaped from the catching pen after the race while the handler was trying to catch their own greyhound.  

1,370 greyhounds have now been injured on NSW racetracks in 2021, including 248 major injuries. Richmond is the most dangerous track with 268 injuries, followed by Wentworth Park with 136.

For the same period last year (1 Jan – 12 Jun), 1,229 greyhounds had been injured.

Greyhound deaths are also running higher this year compared to last. For the same period (1 Jan – 12 Jun), 32 greyhounds have died on NSW tracks in 2021, while 24 had died in 2020 – a 33 percent increase.

77 greyhounds have now died nation-wide this year (listed here), while the nationwide total for injuries is currently 4,598.

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