100th greyhound killed on Australian tracks

100th greyhound killed on Australian tracks

The 100th greyhound to lose its life on Australia’s racetracks in 2021 was three-year old Overgrip, yet another dog killed with a broken leg.

Zed Bale was the first greyhound loss this year, killed with a broken humerus on 1 January in Geelong VIC. Overgrip was killed on 12 August in Albion Park QLD with a broken tibia.

This record only reflects the deaths revealed in stewards’ reports and can be considered an undercount. Many dogs injured on the track are euthanased at a later date.

The usual trends are there – dogs are being killed after injuring their legs at track turns in races with seven or eight dogs.

NSW’s appalling run of deaths – the first half toll of 2021 was almost 50% higher than in 2020 – means the state is by far the country’s deadliest.

All greyhounds lost are listed here 

Data analysis of our 100 friends taken by the racing industry:

State death totals

NSW    39

VIC       23       

QLD     14

SA        13

TAS      6

WA       4

NT        1


The worst tracks

Albion Park QLD           8 deaths

Murray Bridge SA          7

Richmond NSW             6

Gawler SA                    5

Wauchope NSW            4

Wagga Wagga NSW     4

Maitland NSW               4

Cranbourne VIC            4

Wentworth Park NSW    3

Mandurah WA               3

Geelong VIC                 3

Devonport TAS             3

[ 43 tracks have recorded deaths ]


Of the 100 greyhounds killed:

– 87 suffered leg fractures, 4 suffered spinal fractures

– 74 sustained their injuries at track turns, 14 in catching pens

– 56 suffered injuries after falling, while 30 broke down during the race

– Fatal injuries included acute rupture of abdominal blood vessel, thoracic haemorrhage, laceration of carotid artery from skull fracture, heart attack, ruptured aorta, and cardiac arrest

– 72 were running in races with seven or eight dogs


Most common fractures

Radius/ulna     34

Hock         27

Humerus    9

Foreleg    5  

Neck        4

Tibia       4



Most common ages of deaths:

35 months old…8 greyhounds  

34 months old…7 greyhounds  

26 months old…7 greyhounds  

Youngest dog:  18 months

Oldest dog:    60 months



Male      58

Female  42

(Image shows Overgrip coming to a stop on the track. He will be euthanased)

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