About Us

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG)

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds was started in 2015 following the Four Corners live baiting expose. Its charter is to expose the truth behind the greyhound racing industry with the ultimate aim being to lobby governments to close down the industry, Australia wide – state by state.

Greyhounds are sensitive and intelligent dogs who have the same care requirements and desires as all dog breeds. Unfortunately, despite their historical regal history, their exceptional speed and hunting ability has resulted in greyhounds being cruelly exploited – worldwide. In particular, greyhounds within the greyhound racing industry live sad, lonely lives. Their lives are short and filled with misery and physical suffering. Even during their racing days, the majority of them endure lives of confinement in cages with only a few short breaks from their solitary prisons, predominantly to relieve themselves. They lack the companionship that dogs, as social animals require.

Facts about greyhounds exploited for the industry include that an average of 5 greyhounds die on the track every week. On average 17,000 healthy dogs are killed every year – some die on the track and others are killed soon after their accidents even with minor racing injuries (because trainers kill them rather than treat their injuries). Others are killed, despite being perfectly healthy, because they won’t chase and so don’t qualify for racing. Their average lifespan dog is only 1.5 years compared to their potential natural lifespan and that of non-racing greyhounds, which is 10-12 years. As revealed in the 2015 ABC Four Corners program, small animals are used for live-baiting to “blood” the dogs.

Just like their cousins in puppy farms, the vast majority of racing greyhounds are considered to be commodities not companions and are commonly referred to as “product” by those in the greyhound racing industry. Once their racing career is over at the young age of four or five years, these beautiful animals are discarded like broken objects.

We will fight until the day that greyhounds are no longer abused by the racing industry, since this is no life for man’s best friend.