Write a letter to the editor

Put your paws to the keyboard and help end greyhound suffering

Believe it or not, the ‘Letters to the editor’ page is one of the most read pages in any newspaper and politicians use it to gauge public opinion on an issue.

Also, these letters often influence what topics the newspaper covers. As a newspaper only has limited space, not all letters are published. However, the more letters received on a particular topic, the more likely they are to publish at least one of the letters on the topic.

So please consider writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about greyhound welfare. Our resources page contains a lot of useful information on greyhound racing and greyhound welfare. 

How should I write my letter

  • Identify the best newspaper for your letter by checking out the kind of letters they publish.
  • Refer to any relevant articles  at the start of your letter. For example, "Greyhound welfare comments by racing industry bodies that make money from this bloodsport are not to be believed (Gunnedah Greyhounds boss Geoff Rose defends track's safety standards) 3 Sep 2020"
  • Keep it short at around 50-200 words. If your letter is too long the newspaper can edit it and it may lose its meaning.
  • Stick to one point as lots of short letters over time are better than one long letter.
  • Humour is good but avoid sarcasm.
  • Use short sentences as this makes it easier for readers. Apps such as https://hemingwayapp.com/ can help you with this.
  • Keep your language plain and factual and do not repeat yourself.
  • Use numbers or percentages if you have them available, but make sure they are accurate.
  • Include your name and address and a daytime phone number. You can ask that your name and address be withheld when the letter is printed.
  • If possible, ask someone else to read the letter before you send it. It is helpful if this is someone with less knowledge of the subject than you.
  • Spell and grammar check the letter.

How do I submit my letter

  • Letters can usually be submitted by email, online submission form, text or twitter.
  • Check the newspaper or their website for information on how to submit a letter.
  • Check the newspaper or their website for information on how to submit a letter.

Good luck and please let us know at media@greyhoundcoalition.com if you have a letter published.