Brutal incident claims greyhound Hustle Hard

Brutal incident claims greyhound Hustle Hard

Another Victorian racetrack showed its lethality after two-year old Hustle Hard was killed after suffering a fractured hock at Sale on 8 October 2021.

Entering the back straight, Kutcher’s Ruslie crossed to the rail, “severely checking” Hustle Hard, who then “faltered” and “pulled up”, in the words of the stewards’ report.  

Kutcher’s Ruslie had started from wide out at number 8 box, cutting across the field to the rail, and unfortunately running across Hustle Hard in a common track incident. In the race video, another dog then climbs onto Hustle Hard’s back.

Hustle Hard had run 18 races and won $12,260.  Typical leg fracture treatment costs around $4000.

And what about funding from the Victorian Greyhound Recovery Initiative, where “any bone fracture” is eligible?  Is something missing there?

Collisions, obstruction, bumps, and interference occur frequently on the tracks. The greyhound’s amazing speed makes injury and death inevitable.

As Sentient, The Veterinary Institute for Animal Ethics, says, “The tragic death of more young dogs shows why greyhound racing must end. There is no way of protecting greyhounds from catastrophic injuries and the inherent dangers they face when racing.”

Two dogs have died at Sale this year, and 131 have been injured.

35 greyhounds have been killed on Victorian tracks in 2021, and 129 nation-wide – listed here. Unbelieving race fans can advise the stewards where their data is wrong.  

Gippsland Veterinary Hospital is a Sale track sponsor, as is radio station GOLD 98.3.

Image shows brutal incident from the race– Diesel Runner climbs over Hustle Hard, who had just been hit by Kutcher’s Ruslie.

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