Justice for SA greyhounds


Over 400 people used CPG’s template to make submissions to the inquiry into the South Australia greyhound racing industry. And many more made their own submissions. They called for greyhound racing in SA to end because it does not, and cannot, meet the animal welfare expectations of most Australians. Until that happens, GRSA must be replaced with an effective and independent regulator of the state’s greyhound racing industry.

All animal lovers were appalled by recent footage showing gentle greyhounds, including puppies, being punched and kicked by an SA trainer.

The SA Premier Peter Malinouskas responded to this brutal treatment by announcing an independent inquiry into Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA).

The Premier immediately limited the scope of the Inquiry by saying that the “greyhound racing industry has a role to play in our state. He also chose an Inquiry head with strong personal and family connections to the racing industry.

GRSA responded to the Inquiry in typical fashion, by spending money trying to influence politicians and the public. They have employed a ‘specialised team of consultants‘ to provide ‘perspective on the industry‘.

But no amount matter of money will obscure how GRSA and the SA government are failing to protect greyhounds. GRSA has no legislative responsibility to the government or the community. This has led to a culture of secrecy and exploitation where commercial considerations always take priority over greyhound welfare.




A comprehensive report, produced by CPG, into the failings of the SA greyhound racing industry is available here.