Recent campaign success

Stopping sponsors

Advertisers say no to Thrill of the Chase

During November 2020, Channel 7TWO broadcast four episodes of Thrill of the Chase. This is a greyhound racing program full of industry spin designed to encourage people to view greyhound racing as acceptable. CPG and our facebok followers contacted a number of companies whose advertising appeared during the program.  Read more on the CPG Stopping sponsors page

Exposing greyhound deaths

5 December 2020, Redland City Bulletin, Cleveland
Capalaba greyhound death prompts call for reform

CPG continues to publicise the appalling number of greyhounds that are killed and suffer injures on Australian tracks. It is good to see that many regional papers are running these stories and informing their communities of the cruelty involved. Read more on the CPG In the media page

Fighting animal cruelty

Parliamentary inquiry into the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission

CPG submitted a response to the GWIC Parliamentary Inquiry and we will let you know when its findings are available. Thank you to all those who submitted a response and made it clear to the NSW State Government that there must be no reduction in GWIC’s ability to protect greyhounds. Read more on the CPG Changing policy page