Leading trainers make horrific headlines

The greyhound racing industry’s leading trainers have generated appalling headlines. 

As the most experienced and seasoned leaders in the business, these people give an insight into how greyhounds are treated. 

Greyhound racing was supposedly reformed in 2015/2016, but these cases show a culture that will never change and can never be reformed. 


“A greyhound trainer who fatally bashed the heads of four dogs with a hammer in a “cruel and brutal assault” before burying them under a concrete slab and garden beds has received a $3250 fine and a lifetime ban from racing.”

“Trevor Leonard Rice was handed the penalty after being found guilty of 18 offences in the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission last week, with animal activists outraged at the “weak” penalty.”

Trainer Trevor Rice in 2017 receiving a prize for Nowra Greyhound of the Year for his dog Haich Two Mo

Greyhound trainer banned for life after bashing dog’s heads in with ‘hammer’ 

Greyhound bodies exhumed in ‘cruel, brutal’ killing investigation 

Lifetime greyhound industry ban for breeder after dogs found bashed to death 


“Stewards convened a Stewards’ Inquiry in respect of various animal welfare allegations involving greyhounds under the care and custody of” Stephen Howarth, Donna Howarth, Sara Howarth.



“Three South Australian greyhound trainers have been handed life bans after they were found to have been involved in live baiting.”

“GROUP 1 winning trainer Troy Murray and his sons Connor and Jackson Murray have been handed life bans and fines totalling $180,000 for nine live baiting offences.”

“During what was a decorated training career, Murray claimed multiple training premierships and won a raft of big races, including two Group 1 Adelaide Cups”.

Life bans, $180k in fines for live baiting trio 

Greyhound trainer trio fined and banned for life after investigation into SA live baiting 


“South Australia’s greyhound racing industry is in damage control with two of its leading trainers now formally charged with animal cruelty.   It comes after sickening video emerged of dogs being kicked and punched at a Murray Bridge training facility.”

Top greyhound trainers face racing charges over shocking footage

“One of the state’s most prominent greyhound trainers and his wife have been charged with a dozen racing offences by stewards over shocking footage showing dogs being kicked and flung around.”

“Drone footage showing several greyhounds, including puppies, being beaten at a prominent Australian kennel has sparked renewed calls in the country to ban the sport.”

 Tony and Lisa Rasmussen charged over SA greyhound abuse scandal | 7NEWS  

Top greyhound trainers face racing charges over shocking footage 

Greyhounds, Puppies Beaten by Trainer at Champion Aussie Kennel in Shocking Video 


“One of Tasmania’s most well-known greyhound trainers has been given a life ban from the sport for live baiting.”

“On 3 August 2023, stewards of the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) located an animal part (a pademelon tail) attached to a mechanical training apparatus at the property of greyhound trainer, Mr Anthony Bullock.

On 24 October 2023, a panel of stewards, operating under the Greyhounds Australasia Rules (GAR), conducted an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the location and seizure of the item. Following the inquiry, Mr Bullock was charged under GAR 159(3)(b) ‘possessing an animal part capable of being used as bait, quarry or a lure’.”

Greyhound Trainer Anthony Bullock Banned for Life 

Life ban for greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock 


“Queensland greyhound trainer Darren Russell suspended for laying betting…a high-profile public greyhound trainer who bet against his own greyhound in contravention of Queensland greyhound racing rules.

Russell, who boasts twenty-two years of experience as a trainer in the racing industry, admitted guilt” 

Queensland greyhound trainer Darren Russell suspended for laying betting 


“JUSTIN King has been stood down by the Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission after being slapped with a string of charges by NSW Police.”

“King, 50, from Londonderry, was hit with a total of 19 charges relating to alleged sexual offences with a minor…. It is understood the victim is involved within the greyhound industry.”

In 2023, King trained 85 winners, the majority of those at his home track at Richmond.

GWIC Suspend Trainer Amid Police Charges 


“A licensed greyhound owner and trainer with up to 26 greyhounds in his care, including seven puppies, has been banned from racing for 15 months for breaching animal welfare rules and failing to follow stewards’ orders.

“Stewards observed four greyhounds housed in an unregister and dilapidated trailer, seven puppies to be without any water, three greyhounds to have access to water that was unhygienic and not suitable for drinking, multiple greyhounds with inadequate bedding and/or protective apparel at a time where overnight temperatures of 4.5 degrees were recorded, and unreasonable accumulation of faeces and urine in and around the greyhound enclosures.”

Queensland greyhound owner and trainer Jason Haim disqualified for 15 months over animal welfare issues 


“The Commission seized rabbits, possums and other items of interest during a targeted kennel inspection on 7 October 2022 and immediately disqualified Mr Masri pending further enquiries.”

“He has been associated with and registered in this industry since 1986.”

Commission hands down life-time ban for baiting charges 



Dubbo greyhounds President Shayne Stiff suspended over verbal tirade

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And the unnamed (as yet) trainers

Victorian greyhound trainer suspended for baiting offences