Huge response to The Project episode on “Greyhounds Abuse”

The Project - Julia Cockram, Gumtree Greys

Channel 10’s current affairs program, The Project, aired an expose on the greyhound racing industry and its failure around dog welfare and rehoming on 28 April 2022. The episode was also posted on The Project’s Facebook page, garnering 96K views and 1K shares with 1.3K likes and 1.4K comments. The story was the biggest on … Read more

Two dogs killed at Gosford Easter Fun Night

2 greyhounds killed at Gosford Easter Fun Night

The Gosford racing club held an Easter Family Fun Night on 8 April to “kick off the school holidays with FRIDAY NIGHT RACING”, where people would “WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!”. All kids’ activities were free.  Two dogs were killed at the “fun event”. The story of Black Eyeliner is heartbreaking. Three days ago, she … Read more

March proves a murderous month for greyhounds

Eighteen greyhounds lost their lives in March in what proved to be a murderous month on Australian tracks. Victoria and Queensland tied for equal first in the Dog Killing Stakes, with six deaths each. NSW was runner-up with a further three deaths, while South Australia and Tasmania each recorded one unnecessary death. Deadliest Tracks Ipswich … Read more

Traralgon resumes torment of dogs

The failed new “safe” track at Traralgon has resumed harming greyhounds after being closed for several weeks. The Victorian track opened in January after a $6 million rebuild, half coming from public funds. The unique J-curve track by University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is designed to “optimise racing safety from the ground up”. After the … Read more