Awful August sees fourteen greyhounds killed

While Greyhound Clubs Australia were celebrating their dog-killing industry at an awards night in Sydney late in August, they were conveniently ignoring the fourteen greyhounds killed racing in the same month.

NSW – the deadliest State

August saw NSW take the dubious award for most greyhound deaths, a horrifying seven in total, starting at Taree on 3 August. Devil’s Diamonds, not yet three years old, fractured his hock after a collision on the home turn. He was killed by the on-track vet not long after his race.

At Wagga Wagga track on 5 August, two greyhounds died in the same race. Tiggerlong Fab and Veracruz collided on the home turn, fell, and were euthanised shortly afterwards by the on-track vet. Tiggerlong Fab had suffered multiple compound fractures of his front leg. Veracruz broke his back.

Two weeks later Wagga Wagga track killed another greyhound, 20-month old Dana Annie, who fell in the catching pen and suffered  multiple open compound fractures to her front leg before being put out of her agony by the on-track vet. Dana Annie was racing in her sixth race. Her career lasted less than 6 weeks.

Crackerjack Joel’s 5-race career ended at Moree track on 6 August when he fractured his hock after a collision on the back turn. He was killed by the on-track vet.

Still in NSW, on 22 August, Bathurst track proved fatal for Hidden Moments who died after collapsing in the catching pen. She was only two and a half and had been raced 3 times in 2 weeks.

The same day, in Nowra NSW, Dana Leo fell at the first turn and suffered a compound fracture of her radius and ulna. She was not deemed worthy of life-saving surgery and was euthanised by the on-track vet.

Victoria and Queensland tie for second place

Victoria and Queensland tied for second place in the greyhound killing stakes in August, with three deaths each.

On 8 August, at Warrnambool track, Dr. Chelsea broke her neck following a collision on the home turn. She died on the track, saving her trainer and owner the bother of having her euthanised. She was 2 ½ .

Still in Victoria, Shepparton track killed two greyhounds on 18 August. Morton Speckle and Saturday Smile were both just 21 months old. Saturday Smile fell at the first turn with a fractured left radius. He had been raced four times in 2 ½ weeks in his short career. Despite winning over $4,000 in his first three races, he was euthanised at the track. A few races afterwards, Morton Speckle’s whole career lasted less than five seconds – he pulled up on the first turn of his very first race, again with a fractured left radius. He was killed by the on-track vet.

Queensland tracks killed three greyhounds in less than two weeks this month.

At Townsville track on 19 August, Mel’s Gift, just three years old, suffered a cardiac arrest and was euthanised by the on-track vet. She had been raced six times in 2 ½ weeks and we can say she was raced to death.

On 21 August at Capalba track, 3 ½ year old Sako Outlaw broke his back following a fall and was killed by the on-track vet.

The following week in Rockhampton, another greyhound, Dwarshuis, suffered a cardiac arrest while racing and collapsed in the catching pen. He was pronounced dead shortly after. Poor Dwarshuis was not yet three.

Raven Loon dies in agony in WA

Western Australia saw the death of Raven Loon on 28 August. She hit the inside running rail on the first turn and suffered a significant head trauma. Dazed and in pain, Raven Loon failed to finish her final, fatal race, and was put out of her misery by the on-track vet. She had been raced five times in 4 weeks.

Fourteen greyhounds killed. Average age 33.5 months.

Most number of starts: 66

Average number of starts: 40

Shortest career:  5 seconds

Total prize money: $100,250

Average prize money: $7,160

Head/neck/back fractures: 4

Cardiac arrests: 2

Shattered hocks: 2

Fractured forelegs: 5

Unknown cause: 1

Rest in peace. We will remember them

3/8Devil’s DiamondsTaree NSWhindleg fracture
5/8VeracruzWagga NSWbroken back
5/8Tiggerlong FabWagga NSWforeleg fracture
6/8Crackerjack JoelMoree NSWhindleg fracture
8/8Dr. ChelseaWarrnambool VICfractured neck
18/8Morton SpeckleShepparton VICforeleg fracture
18/8Saturday SmileShepparton VICforeleg fracture
19/8Dana AnnieWagga NSWopen compound fractures foreleg
19/8Mel’s GiftTownsville QLDcardiac arrest
21/8Sako OutlawCapalba QLDfractured lumbar vertebrae
22/8Hidden MomentsBathurst NSWcollapse
22/8Dana LeoNowra NSWfractured spine
28/8Raven LoonCannington WAhead trauma
31/8DwarshuisRockhampton QLDcardiac arrest

Image at top shows Tiggerlong Fab and Veracruz about to die at Wagga