Stopping sponsors

CPG is running a campaign to let companies know what the community thinks of their sponsorship of greyhound racing. The passion and determination shown by CPG facebook followers in contacting these companies has achieved great results. A number of major Australian and international organisations have cancelled their sponsorships. They have been eager to disassociate themselves from greyhound racing and willing to say so.

Below is a snapshot of those companies that have cancelled their sponsorship and companies that are still sponsoring.  Following that is some more information on what the companies had to say about their sponsorships and why they agreed to cancel them.


Sponsorship cancelled

Sponsorship ongoing

  • Channel 9 Shepparton
  • The Shepparton News
  • Channel 9 Bendigo
  • The Bendigo Advertiser
  • The Weekly Advertiser, Horsham
  • The Mercury, Hobart
  • The Advocate, Devonport
  • The Wauchope Gazette
  • The Mandurah Mail
  • Viatek Technology
  • Carlton United Breweries

Sponsors have their say

Toyota Australia sponsored the Warragul Cup on 9 January 2020
23 January 2020: “Toyota Australia does not and will never sponsor greyhound racing. It does not align with our brand at any level. We have been working closely with the dealership to withdraw their sponsorship of these events.”

Volkswagen was the Club Sponsor of Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club
28 January 2020: Volkswagen removes its logo from the Ballarat Racing Club’s website and stated, “Volkswagen again emphasises that it has no connection with greyhound racing. Sponsorship of the event at Ballarat was undertaken by the local dealer without our company’s knowledge and in contravention of our policy.”

Optus sponsored races at Sale, Victoria
12 February 2020: “We have reviewed our agreement with Sale Greyhound Racing Club and have withdrawn our sponsorship.”

Jims’ Mowing sponsored Geelong Racing Club for six years (this cancellation courtesy of SA independent researcher and writer Matilda Duncan) click here for the full story
26 March 2020: “Our sponsorship has ceased with Greyhound Racing Geelong.”

O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing sponsored races at Mount Gambier and Angle Park, SA
13 March 2020: “Our sponsorship policy states we do not support events or organisations that are involved in the cruelty of animals. All sponsorships require head office approval, and no approval has been granted for greyhound racing. Our policy was recently reviewed and it has been communicated with all our franchisees and employees.”

Elders Insurance sponsors races at Mandurah, WA
31 March 2020: CPG contacted Elders Insurance as they are once again sponsoring racing.
11 March 2020: “This is not a national Elders Insurance sponsorship. We encourage our local agencies to support their communities through local sponsorship. We are now working very closely with our Distribution Manager in WA as well as the local agent to review this partnership. I can assure you we do take these matters seriously and will continue to review all our agent partnerships.” 

GJ Gardner Homes sponsored races at Sale, Victoria
12 March 2020: “While the Franchisee’s for this area are actually keen dog lovers, after careful consideration and in light of the negative comments being posted they have ended their sponsorship of this facility. The signage will be removed in due course.”

Husqvarna was name sponsor of Maitland Gold Cup, NSW
20 March 2020: “Our independent dealer network actively support their local community through donations, sponsorships and partnerships. Our dealers are independently owned and operated, and as such are responsible for their local business decisions on these matters. On this occasion Hunter Outdoor Equipment has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Maitland Show Ground, as throughout the year this venue hosts a variety of events for the local and surrounding community. We have reached out to our dealer and are working closely with them to adjust the signage to better reflect the local business decision. Please be assured this is not a corporate sponsorship.”