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MAY 14, 2020 - ABC Shepparton Radio News Bulletin

Activists raise alarm over number of greyhound deaths
Breakfast lead news item

CPG national president Dennis Anderson quoted as saying it is totally unacceptable that a certain number of dog deaths are accepted in the interests of making money.

MAY 14, 2020 - ABC Shepparton Online

Activists raise alarm over greyhound death numbers, as Victorian toll leads country
Rhiannon Tuffield
There have been 34 recorded greyhound racing deaths in Victoria this year which is more than a third of the total national deaths.

CPG national president Dennis Anderson said dogs were routinely suffering injuries and being put down as a result. He said it’s not acceptable to have greyhound racing as a form of public entertainment in 2020. Read more

MAY 12, 2020 - WAtoday

‘Carnage’: Greyhound industry slammed after dog death south of Perth
Kate Hedley
Two-year-old Moroccan Miss collided with other dogs on a turn during race two before crashing into a barrier and fracturing her left leg.

CPG’s WA manager Ms Pollard said dogs were injured and killed for no other reason but human entertainment and money. She also highlighted the recent start of Sunday racing and said this means WA greyhounds can now be hurt seven days a week. Read more

MAY 11, 2020 - Mandurah Mail, WA

Greyhound euthanised at Mandurah track
Justin Rake
Greyhound Moroccan Miss was killed after sustaining an injury during a race at Mandurah on Thursday, 7 May.

The decision was met with outrage from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG), with WA divisional manager Andrea Pollard labelling it horrific. She went on to say that Moroccan Miss died a typical greyhound death – running at high speed around a curved track where dogs collide, then lose control and fall. Read more

MAY 11, 2020 - ABC Gippsland Radio

All Hollywood is fifth greyhound killed at Warragul this year
Interview with Jonathon Kendall
CPG national president Dennis Anderson talks about the latest greyhound death at Warragul, one of the deadliest tracks in Australia.

The introduction of straight tracks and six-dog races would help reduce greyhound suffering.

MAY 8, 2020 - ABC Central Coast Radio

Bumpy Express dies after catching pen incident at Gosford
Interview with Jake Lapham
CPG national president Dennis Anderson talks about the deadly injuries being suffered by greyhounds in the catching pen. Bumpy Express is the latest greyhound to be killed after suffering an injury at the end of the race.

MAY 7, 2020 - ABC Central Coast Radio

Greyhound dies at Gosford Track
News Bulletin
Bumpy Express fractured his leg in a catching pen incident at Gosford. He is the second greyhound to die at Gosford in as many months.

CPG national president Dennis Anderson says safer alernatives to catching pens must be investigated.

MAY 6, 2020 - NBN TV News (Newcastle NSW), NBN News Online

Investigation into Gosford Greyhound Death
Sarah Iuliano
The death of Bumpy Express at Gosford has highlighted the dangers of catching pens in the racing industry.

CPG national president Dennis Anderson says that catching pens are dangerous, with the dogs coming to a sudden stop after racing at high speed. Video includes Dennis and his rescue greyhound Comet. View more

MAY 5, 2020 - ABC Central Coast Online

Greyhound dies at Gosford Track
Facebook Post
Two-year-old greyhound ‘Bumpy Express’ was euthanised after sustaining a fractured leg during Monday’s race meet.

A steward’s report says the decision was made by the on-site vet after the dog stopped suddenly in the ‘catching pen’ at the end of the track. Read more

APRIL 29, 2020 - Blayney Chronicle, Maitland Mercury

Horror night at Maitland greyhounds with two dogs euthanised
No author

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has suspended all racing and trialling activity at Maitland, seeking immediate explanations as part of an investigation into incidents at Monday night’s meeting. In light of the incidents the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) has renewed calls to ban greyhound racing altogether.

Read more in Blayney Chronicle. Read more in Maitland Mercury.

APRIL 28, 2020 - WIN Network Gippsland

Greyhound deaths
Alice Pohlner
Story on the increasing number of greyhound deaths following the euthanisia of Phoenix Drive, the fourth greyhound to be killed at Warragul in 2020.

CPG national president Dennis Anderson comments on the increasing carnage on racing tracks.

APRIL 28, 2020 - ABC Newcastle Radio

Two greyhounds killed at Maitland on unsafe track – racing suspended
Drive program with Paul Turton
CPG national president Dennis Anderson discusses how in a night of carnage, two greyhounds were killed at the Maitland racing track on 27 April 2020 with another dog seriously injured.

While racing has been suspended at Maitland so track quality can be investigated, this incident highlights the dangers of forcing greyhounds to race at high speeds around tight bends.

APRIL 24, 2020 - The Perth Voice Interactive

Speakers Corner: Grey Area
Opinion piece by Andrea Pollard
Most sports around the country are shut down, but greyhounds in WA are still running every day without a live audience in race meets closed to the public.

In this week’s Speaker’s Corner, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds’ WA divisional manager Andrea Pollard reminds us these animals are still being badly injured. Read more

APRIL 21, 2020 - FOX-FM Radio News (Melbourne)

Greyhound Racing Victoria dumps rehoming dogs on Victorian charities
FOX-FM ran a news bulletin about how more ex-racers in Victoria will die because Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) is diverting owners to charity rescues.

CPG’s Victorian state director, Julia Cockram, said if GRV can keep racing, it can keep rehoming. Charity rehomers are small, volunteer-run groups that are always running at full capacity and can’t handle an extra load.

APRIL 21, 2020 - ABC Radio North Coast

Death of greyhound Dilapidated at Grafton
News report highlights the death of young greyhound Dilapitated at Grafton. Mentions that a quarter of the 16 greyhounds killed in NSW this year have been in the North Coast.

CPG President Dennis Anderson says that the Lismore track is a particular concern, currently under scrutiny by GWIC.

APRIL 17, 2020 - ABC Radio Sydney and ABC Radio National

Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code
Glen Moret

ABC Radio reported in several news bulletins throughout the morning on CPG’s concerns regarding the NSW draft code, mentioning both lack of kennel space and exercise.

A second news item covered the need for safer tracks, increased penalties and reduced breeding.

APRIL 14, 2020 - Freelance website

The first six months of WA’s dog racing injury scheme: after a dog fractures its leg, where does it go?
Matilda Duncan

This article resulted from an FOI request after the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds called on the Western Australian Government to increase transparency surrounding the state’s greyhound injury scheme in a recent statement to the Mandurah Mail on March 28. Read more

APRIL 8, 2020 - Geelong Independent

News briefs – greyhound death
No author

A third greyhound has died at Geelong Greyhound Racing Club this year after suffering a radius/ulna fracture in a collision last Friday.

Get Up Honey was “humanely euthanased”, according to the steward’s report, and was the 68th dog to die on Australian tracks this year, according to the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds. Read more

APRIL 7, 2020 - Australian Dog Lover

Comment on Draft NSW Greyhound Welfare Code Before April 14, 2020

Greyhounds are just like other dogs and they need five minutes of our time online this week.

CPG is asking all dog lovers to go online for five minutes and have their say about shortcomings in the new draft welfare standard for these dogs in NSW. Read more

MARCH 27, 2020 - Mandurah Mail

Two greyhounds retired following racing injuries at Mandurah track
Claire Sadler

Greyhounds Titanium Bolt and Shinboner Star were seriously injured after racing at the Mandurah track last weekend.

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds were concerned about what happens to greyhounds under the Greyhound Injury Full Recovery Scheme managed by Racing and Wagering WA. Read more

MARCH 21, 2020 - Central Coast Community News, Weekly news wrap 5@5

Greyhounds protection
The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds is calling for a major reform of the greyhound racing industry after a dog was euthanised following a meet at Gosford on March 10.

CPG National President, Dennis Anderson, said that “Twelve greyhounds have now been killed on NSW tracks.” Read more

MARCH 20, 2020 - Central Coast Community News

Greyhound death revives calls for reform

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) is calling for a major reform of the greyhound racing industry after a dog was euthanised following a meet at Gosford on March 10. Read more

MARCH 14, 2020 - SBS News website article and TV news story

Many greyhounds are still looking for a home five years after the NSW racing industry was exposed
Matt Connellan
SBS looks at the situation five years on from the short-lived ‘greyhound ban’ in NSW back in 2016 with a print story including a short video of Lorraine Ramsay, Central Coast Greyhound Rescue.

The story also includes comments by Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission CEO Judy Lind and CPG’s National President/Dennis Anderson.

SBS notes at the end of the article that the NSW Government did not respond to a request for comment. Read more

MARCH 13, 2020 - SBS World News Radio

Greyhound welfare still a concern five years later, say advocates
Matt Connellan
SBS looks at the problem of re-homing greyhounds given the 4,000 whelped each year. The audio podcast includes comments from CPG’s Dennis Anderson, Central Coast Rescue’s Lorraine Ramsay and Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission CEO Judy Lind who states that the NSW industry is well aware it must re-home every dog it breeds.

SBS notes that the last GRNSW annual report says only 700 dogs were re-homed. Listen to the podcast

MARCH 12, 2020 - ABC Central Coast

Scott Levi Breakfast Show

In a wide-ranging discussion CPG President Dennis Anderson talks about the love of greyhounds, how to reform the racing industry, and the sad death of Sapphire Jan this week at the Gosford track north of Sydney.

MARCH 1, 2020 - 2SER Weekend Breakfast Show

Radio interview with host Jess Klajman
Producer – Chris Jaeger

When a greyhound is too slow to race, she’s either ‘disappeared’ or taxpayers ultimately foot the bill to re-house her.

Dennis Anderson, national president of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) wants to know why. Listen to the interview

FEBRUARY 26, 2020 - New Matilda

You and I shouldn’t be paying to rehouse greyhounds too slow to race, the industry should
Dennis Anderson

Both the racing and betting industries – not the public – must pay the costs of greyhound welfare after each dog stops racing. Read more

FEBRUARY 24, 2020 - Greyhound Recorder

GWIC responds to recent ABC report
Staff writer

Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission CEO Judy Lind responded to the ABC Sydney Online article of February 22, 2020 with a news release which was published by the Greyhound Recorder. CPG has provided a factual analysis of GWIC’s response for journalists here.

FEBRUARY 22, 2020 - ABC Sydney Online

Greyhounds still disappearing in NSW as Integrity Commission tries to seal cracks
Paige Cockburn

More than three years after the NSW Government promised to clean up the greyhound industry many dogs are still disappearing and feared dead in mass graves.

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds says this paves the way to more mass killings. Read more

FEBRUARY 21, 2020 - The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times

High time industry counted the cost
Peter FitzSimons

Fitzy looks at why CPG says the extended producer responsibility should apply to greyhound welfare.

In essence, CPG says that the racing and betting industries should pay for the costs of greyhound welfare after each dog stops racing, not the public. Read more, second article down

FEBRUARY 20, 2020 - ABC Radio Sydney

Breakfast with Wendy and Robbie – 9am news broadcast

Greyhound advocates are calling for reforms after the death of Takahi Katey at Nowra. CPG national president Dennis Anderson describes the growing death toll.

FEBRUARY 20, 2020 - ABC Illawarra

Melinda James breakfast show

CPG national president Dennis Anderson looks at a recent death at the Nowra track, and discusses the reforms required to improve greyhound welfare.

FEBRUARY 19, 2020 - ABC Central Victoria

Fiona Parker Breakfast Show

CPG national president Dennis Anderson discusses the recent deaths at the Bendigo track and refutes racing industry claims. He also proposes reforms to stop the growing death toll.

FEBRUARY 18, 2020 - Echonetdaily

Echonetdaily is an independent online source of local news on the NSW north coast, covering the northern rivers including the Tweed Shire, Byron Shire, Lismore and Ballina Shire.

Greyhound sanctuaries could create thousands of jobs for rural NSW

There needs to be a quality life for greyhounds after racing.

Animal welfare group the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) have just announced an idea where greyhound sanctuaries could create more than 7,000 new jobs across rural NSW. Read more

FEBRUARY 17, 2020 - Triple J Radio - Hack program

Hack is made for young Australians 15-35 years and airs nationally at 5:30pm weekdays nationally.

Timothy Swanston

Triple J meets Dr Victoria Sublette at home with her greyhounds and talks to CPG National President Dennis Anderson about the 64 greyhounds that were killed last year on Qld racing tracks and the State Government plans to build a new $40m racing track.

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 - totallyveganvbuzz.com, International

Healthy greyhounds killed ‘in their prime’ in racing industry as shocking death toll figures are revealed
Oli Gross

Animal rights activists have released shocking statistics behind the greyhound racing industry in Australia.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds has slammed the industry and demanded tougher protections for animals. Read more

FEBRUARY 12, 2020 - The Canning Examiner

Group alarmed at dog deaths
Geraldine Alphonse

Greyhound racing in WA is again under the spotlight after several greyhounds were injured in recent races.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) divisional manager Andrea Pollard said the current condition of the six greyhounds is unknown and will not be made public. Read more

FEBRUARY 10, 2020 - Crikey (national digital political news platform)

Dead greyhounds and the regulator that’s not allowed to regulate
Bernard Keane, Politics Editor, Crikey

As the death toll in the greyhound racing industry grows, it’s clear the NSW government has no interest in enabling the state’s welfare regulator to do its job.

FEBRUARY 4, 2020 - Geelong Independent

Local greyhound 13th track death
Luke Voogt

A Geelong greyhound became the 13th to die on Victorian tracks in January last Friday, sparking renewed calls for better medical treatment and modified tracks. Read more

FEBRUARY 3, 2020 - The Northern Star

Reprinted Lismore Echo, February 6, 2020
Rebecca Fist

Track under scrutiny after greyhound deaths

The Lismore Greyhound Racing Track will be under scrutiny following the deaths of two dogs in January. Mr Anderson, from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, is appalled at the industry’s treatment of animals.

JANUARY 31, 2020 - OneGreen Planet, International

Greyhounds Shouldn’t be Racing: A Sport Which Requires Dogs to Die or Be Seriously Injured
Eliza Erskine

Animal rights organization Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) released figures on January 29 that show 64 greyhound deaths in Queensland, Australia, in 2019. Read full article

JANUARY 30, 2020 - Daily Mail Australia

Animal rights activists claim greyhounds are being needlessly killed ‘in their prime’ as the injury toll of racing on dogs is revealed
Claudia Poposki

Animal activists have claimed 64 greyhounds have died and more than 1,200 were injured on Queensland tracks alone in 2019.

The group’s national president, Dennis Anderson, said the public deserved to know the information as millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on the sport. Read more

JANUARY 29, 2020 - Redlands City Bulletin, Qld

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds calls for racing industry shakeup after dog euthanised at Capalaba track
Jordan Crick

Animal rights activists have renewed calls for an overhaul of the racing industry after a dog was euthanised at a Capalaba race track earlier this month.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds president Dennis Anderson said greyhounds were still dying despite the Racing Queensland rebate scheme. Read more

JANUARY 29, 2020 - ABC Radio Brisbane Morning Show

Interview with CPG’s Dennis Anderson and the QRIC Commissioner about greyhound racing deaths and injuries
Rebecca Levingstone

JANUARY 28, 2020 - ABC Queensland (online)

Greyhound racing sees 64 deaths, more than 1,200 injuries on Queensland tracks, figures show
Exclusive by Rebeka Powell

Greyhound racing has seen 64 greyhound deaths and resulted in more than 1,200 injuries in 2019 in Queensland alone, according to figures compiled by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG).

CPG national president Dennis Anderson said the injuries in Queensland were “significant”. “Some of the 64 dogs killed in their prime during 2019 were not even two years old when they suffered death in the pursuit of profit and winnings for their owners,” Mr Anderson said. Read more

JANUARY 27, 2020 - ABC North Coast Radio

Radio news bulletin

A Greyhound welfare group has renewed its call for changes to the racing industry after a greyhound was killed following a race at the Lismore track.

Four-year-old greyhound Two More Models was euthanised after falling heavily during a race last week and fracturing his fore leg.

Read more

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds President Dennis Anderson says it’s the second greyhound to die on New South Wales tracks with year, and the 22nd in Australia.

He says too many greyhounds are still dying.

“We believe that in 2020, it is unacceptable to be deliberately putting dogs in danger of death and injury in the name of entertainment and profit.”

The Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission says the incidents of greyhound deaths at race meetings in NSW is at a record low, with the latest injury report revealing catastrophic injury rates are at 0.6 per 1000 starts.

It says the Commission will continue to focus on reducing these numbers further and is working hard with Greyhound Racing NSW, the Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association and the greyhound racing fraternity to make this happen.

Read less

JANUARY 27, 2020 - The Adelaide Advertiser (online and print)

Greyhounds euthanised after racetrack incidents
Gabriel Polychronis

The deaths of three greyhounds at South Australian tracks this month have sparked calls for more safety measures and better tracking of what happens to injured and poorly performing dogs.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds president Dennis Anderson said “the reality of greyhound racing is on full view in South Australia”.

JANUARY 24, 2020 - ABC Radio Tasmania Drive

Dennis Anderson highlights the latest greyhound deaths in Tasmania

CPG National President Dennis Anderson talks to ABC Tasmania Drive presenter Piia Wirsu about the two greyhound deaths within a fortnight in Tasmania. Myrrhee and Veil Falls both fell, fractured their legs and were put to death.

Mr Anderson states that it costs around $4,000 to treat the typical fractured leg that greyhounds suffer when racing. That so few dogs are treated shows that profit has precedence over animal welfare.

JANUARY 14, 2020 - The Courier (Ballarat)

Ballarat greyhounds euthanased following racing injuries
Caleb Cluff

The death of two dogs in separate races at a Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club meeting last Wednesday has led to a further call for changes in the way the sport is conducted…

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, an association affiliated with the Animal Justice Party, says there have been 11 greyhound deaths at Australian racing tracks in the first 10 days of 2020, according to stewards’ reports, with five deaths in Victoria.

JANUARY 14, 2020 - ABC Central Victoria

Radio interviewer Tyrone Dalton talked with CPG National President, Dennis Anderson, about greyhounds Latinize and Bakali Jet being killed at Ballarat.

JANUARY 8, 2020 - Mandurah Coastal Times, WA (front page)

Injuries dog sport 
Aaron Kirby

The safety and wellbeing of Greyhounds has again been called into question after two dogs were injured while racing at TABtouch Park Mandurah on December 27.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds WA divisional manager Andrea Pollard continued to call for a ban on the sport and said the “carnage continues” after three-year old greyhounds Aldrich and Leilani’s Lad broke their right hind legs while racing. Read more

JANUARY 7, 2020 - NewsMail (Bundaberg, Queensland)

Running at loss of hounds
Mikayla Haupt

It’s hardly the trifecta punters were betting on, but the last three Bundaberg greyhound meets in 2019 saw three dogs euthanized – one at each meet – after suffering an injury, according to the local steward reports. Read more

DECEMBER 27, 2019 – Townsville Bulletin

Greyhounds euthanased after fall in race
No author

Two greyhounds were euthanased at the Townsville track earlier this month in a race that was sponsored by Burdekin Vet Services.

According to the latest stewards’ report, greyhounds Pandora’s Glory and Midnight Swim fell at the turn of the back straight in Race 2 on December 17. Pandora’s Glory fractured her shoulder while Midnight Swim injured her hind tendon. Both dogs were euthanased and both were less than three years old.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds Queensland divisional manager Matt Stephen claimed the incident underlined the “brutal nature of greyhound racing”. “Eight dogs have been killed in their prime at this track since June 2019 in the pursuit of profit and winnings for their owners and trainers,” he said.

However, Racing Queensland boss Brendan Parnell said the injury rate for greyhounds racing in Queensland was under 3 per cent, with most of those returning to the track inside a fortnight. “In Townsville, the present figure is under 2.5 per cent – the second lowest in the state behind Rockhampton – however, there are occasions where euthanasia is required due to race-day incidents, which is unfortunate,” he said.

“As an organisation, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce the injury and mortality rates contained within our sport.”

DECEMBER 17, 2019 – Crikey (National)

Gone are the dogs: governments have totally abandoned their promises on greyhound welfare
Bernard Keane, Politics Editor

Remember those state government pledges to better protect greyhounds in the wake of 2015 revelations of a brutal, corrupt industry? They’ve been all but abandoned…

According to data collected from the racing industry by the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG), 12 dogs have already been killed in races across the country in the first half of January alone. Read more

DECEMBER 7, 2019 – NewsMail (Bundaberg, Queensland)

Dogs dying to race
No author

A greyhound was euthanised at each of the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club’s last three race meets in 2019, it has been revealed.

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds has lifted the lid on the horror faced by dogs at Thabeban Park, saying it is appalled by the statistics. Read more

DECEMBER 6, 2019 – Northern Daily Leader

(Reprinted Border News, Boonah; Country Leader, NSW; Tamworth Times, NSW)

Greyhound racing | Industry responds to condemnation after dog dies in Moree
Jem Nash

CONTROVERSY: The death of a greyhound in Moree has resulted in more condemnation of the greyhound racing industry. Read more

DECEMBER 5, 2019 – Moree Champion

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds calls for more public awareness into greyhound industry after death at Moree track
Jem Nash

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) has described greyhound racing as a “cruel sport” after a greyhound was injured in Moree on Saturday, November 23 and subsequently euthanized. Read more

DECEMBER 2, 2019 – Newcastle Herald

Serene Spirit greyhound euthanised after it was injured in Newcastle race at Birmingham Gardens
Phoebe Moloney

A greyhound has been euthanised after it was injured during a race in Newcastle on Friday.

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, a national advocacy group with an aim of “informing the public about the cruelties of greyhound racing,” said Serene Spirit’s death highlighted “inevitability” of fatalities in the sport. Read more

NOVEMBER 26, 2019 – Triple M Radio Brisbane morning show, Queensland

Qld greyhound injury and death statistics 2019
An interview with CPG’s Matt Stephen.

NOVEMBER 20, 2019 – Daily Liberal (Dubbo, NSW)

Bartender’s death sparks change calls
Ryan Young

The death of a four-year-old greyhound, who was euthanised after its leg was broken at a recent Dubbo race meet – has led to calls for more work to be done to reduce dog injuries on the track.

“Every time there’s a death on the track or a euthanasia at the track – we’re going to put out a press release…in the area where that death occurred,” the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds vice president Dennis Anderson vowed. Read more

NOVEMBER 14, 2019 – The Herald Sun

(Reprinted The Cairns Post, Queensland, 19 Nov 2019; The West Australian, WA, 14 Nov 2019)

The brutality must be punished
Rita Panahi, columnist

Is the greyhound racing industry irredeemably rotten or can it be saved from the minority of miscreants who continue backward practices that repulse decent human beings?…

“I’m not surprised at all that it’s happening behind closed doors,” said Julia Cockram, from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds.

NOVEMBER 12, 2019 – ABC News Online

Victorian greyhound trainers suspended after allegedly using possums as live bait
Silva, Kristian

Three Victorian greyhound trainers have been suspended after allegedly using possums as live bait, but the head of the sport insists the illegal practice is not widespread…

Julia Cockram, from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, said blooding increased dogs’ “prey drive” and made them race faster. Read more

ABC Radio Shepparton, Victoria

Interview about Vic greyhound injury and death statistics in the GRV annual report
CPG’s Julia Cockram

Recording not available.

OCTOBER 18, 2019 – news.com.au

Anger over Australia’s ‘disappeared’ greyhounds
Charis Chang

Analysis has raised questions about Australia’s missing greyhounds, with animal rights groups
estimating more than 4000 dogs a year have disappeared…

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds believes thousands of greyhounds are still being
killed every year. Read more

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