Who bets on greyhounds

Who bets on greyhounds

“among the 3.2% who bet on greyhounds, the average age is not quite 41—younger than the average Facebook website visitor, The Bachelor Australia viewer, or The Man from U.N.C.L.E movie-goer. Much of the lower age average is driven by the overwhelmingly popularity of greyhound racing among 25-34 year-olds.”

– Roy Morgan findings – Generation Y betting on greyhound races

“Betting — on horse races, trotting, greyhound races and sports — was the third most popular form of gambling, behind buying scratch or lottery tickets and playing poker machines. However of the three, betting has by far the most online participants.”

– Roy Morgan findings – Online gambling

“Analysing betting patterns over the last year shows a decline in Australians placing bets on Racing events including Horse Racing, Harness Racing and Greyhound Racing while more Australians than a year ago are now betting on Sports. Men are far more likely to bet than women with 12.3% of men in an average three months now having a bet compared to only 6% of women.”

– Roy Morgan findings – Mobile betting users