What the animal experts say

What the animal experts say

RSPCA Australia

RSPCA Australia considers that there are significant and entrenched animal welfare problems inherent in the greyhound racing industry. These include problems with over-supply, injuries, physical overexertion, inadequate housing, lack of socialisation and environmental enrichment, training, illegal live baiting, administration of banned or unregistered substances, export and the fate of unwanted greyhounds (high wastage and high euthanasia rates).

Evidence clearly demonstrates that animal cruelty and poor animal welfare outcomes are heavily entrenched and inherent to greyhound racing and that these problems have passed a threshold making it highly unlikely cultural attitudes or practices can be changed. Therefore animal welfare problems are unlikely to be resolved. Read more

Australian Veterinary Association

The primary concern of the Australian Veterinary Association is the health and welfare of the dogs involved in the Greyhound racing industry. At the present time, the veterinary profession is not being utilised to its maximum potential in the development and governance of the industry. Many greyhounds with health concerns are not getting access to adequate veterinary care, which is a trend that needs to be addressed. Read more

Animals Australia

Greyhound racing begins as a gamble and for most dogs ends in tragedy. Every year in Australia, around 10,000 greyhound pups are bred in the hope of finding a quick runner. But not every dog is suited to racing. And like a lottery ticket that has failed to pay out, many dogs and pups who don’t make the grade are discarded. Read more