Recent campaign success

Stopping sponsors

Volkswagen cancels any connection with greyhound racing

On 28 January, after posts and comments from CPG followers, Volkswagen stated that it directed its signage to be removed from Ballarat race track ‘forthwith’ or covered until such time as the work can be undertaken. This would not have happened without the determination and passion of CPG followers, thank you. Read more on the CPG Stopping sponsors page

Exposing greyhound deaths

Greyhound racing sees 64 deaths, more than 1,200 injuries on Queensland tracks

CPG national president Dennis Anderson says, “Some of the 64 dogs killed in their prime during 2019 were not even two years old when they suffered death in the pursuit of profit and winnings for their owners.” Read more in this exclusive article by Rebeka Powell, ABC Queensland

Fighting animal cruelty

Select Committee on Animal Cruelty Laws in NSW

On 13 February 2020, Dennis Anderson, National President CPG presented to the Select Committee and responded to the Committee’s questions. Read a transcript of his opening statement.