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Does the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission itself lack Integrity?

Does the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission itself lack Integrity?

When the QRIC published their first Annual Report in 2016/2017, the CPG reported on the disappointing lack of transparency including the failure to provide basic information such as the number of pups bred, dogs racing and track death and injuries.

Once again, QRIC’s 2017/2018 annual report lacks this information.

What’s most alarming though, is the attempt to put a positive spin on the Greyhound Rehoming Program’s (GAP) falling adoption and increased euthanasia rates.
In 2016/2017, QRIC proudly announced they had rehomed a record 318 greyhounds. In 2017/2018 GAP rehomed 223 greyhounds, a fall of 95 and less than the 230 they rehomed in 2015/2016.

In 2016/2017, GAP euthanised 101 greyhounds as “not suitable to be rehomed” for reasons ranging from extreme prey drive to veterinary issues to extreme fear/anxiety.
QRIC’s proposed solution to this euthanasia rate of 24.1% was to “implement a mandatory veterinary pre-screening and behavioural pre-assessment process….to identify and exclude unsuitable greyhounds from entry to the program”.

According to the 2017-2017 Annual Report, the pre-screening process resulted in a 19% decrease in euthanasia compared to the previous year. But did it?

In 2016/2017, 419 dogs entered GAP, with 318 rehomed and 101 euthanised (24.1%).

In 2017/2018, 305 dogs entered GAP, with 223 rehomed and 82 euthanised (26.8%).

While QRIC reports this as a 19% decrease in euthanasia (19 less dogs than the previous year), but the reality is that despite the pre-screening process, the euthanasia rate of dogs entering GAP actually increased by 2.7%. And while last year, QRIC provided a breakdown on the reasons for euthanasia, this year they have not, so all we know is they were “unsuitable”.

Importantly, also missing from the Annual Report is the number of dogs who were rejected by GAP, why they were rejected and their fate.

Finally, QRIC has once again failed to acknowledge the rehoming work done by volunteer-run groups, which is far from insignificant.




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