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Thank you for visiting the website of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds. We are a group committed to the banning of greyhound racing. Until this happens we have 5 key demands that must be met by government and the racing industry if they are serious about greyhound welfare.

CPG was started by greyhound welfare campaigners and activists in 2015 after the Four Corners live baiting expose. Today, we are a dedicated group of people across Australia who are committed to ending greyhound suffering by influencing public opinion and changing government policy.

Please share the information we have on our site with others to give a voice to the voiceless.

CPG publicises greyhound track deaths and injuries across print, radio and TV.  We aim to hold the industry and state governments responsible for their lack of action to protect greyhounds from unnecessary death and injury. Click here for more information on 2020 track deaths and injuries.

Greyhound track related deaths in 2020
Greyhound track related injuries in 2020

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 - Sydney Morning Herald, NSW; The Age, VIC; Brisbane Times, QLD

The Fitz Files – Dogged by issues
Peter FitzSimons
You will recall, likely with an acid grimace, that claim by the NSW government – when it made its craven cave-in to the greyhound industry by putting $500,000 of public money to the Million Dollar Chase – that part of the conditions for the cash being handed over was that all dogs that compete in the race will be rehomed or kept as pets. If the prize-winning dog is killed, the owner has to pay back the $1 million.

Well in the 2020 version of the race’s terms and conditions, the insistence that the participants get to live, and the winner has a million-dollar bounty riding on its survival, has quietly been removed.

The entire greyhound industry is an enduring stain on the Berejiklian government. Discuss. Read the Fitz Files

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 - The Queensland Times, Courier Mail (Brisbane), Stanthorpe Border Post, Tweed Daily News, Charleville Western Times, Western Star Roma, Daily Mercury (Mackay), Gatton Star, The Chronicle (Toowoomba), QLD

Anger after ninth greyhound dies at track this year
Lachlan McIvor

Greyhound welfare advocates are labelling the Ipswich racetrack as the “second most lethal” in the country after a ninth dog died there this year.

Annie Hendley, QLD state director for the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds believes the deaths show the “absurdity” of the State Government building a new $40 million greyhound racing complex in the city. “Queensland taxpayers would be appalled to see their dollars supporting a gambling industry that shows total disregard for the lives of dogs”, she says. (Articles behind paywalls)


CPG believes that people deserve to know the facts about the cruelty of greyhound racing. Both from an animal perspective and because state government are spending your money to shore up this failing industry. Read the facts on our Media resources page.

CPG lobbies state governments either directly or though more formal proposals and submissions. Our aim is to influence policy and policy makers so that greyhound welfare is seen as an absolute priority. The most recent CPG submission was in response to the review of the NSW Greyhound Racing Act 2017. You can learn more on our Changing policy page here including guidelines for submitting your own response.